The Grass Boppers
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The band

We started the band the first of may 2009. Actually, Will already knew Fonz from their engineering studies. And Matt is Will's brother!
We had no knowledge of swing or jazz but we were quite attracted to it. We all are 26 year old and want to enjoy life.
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will Will can seduce anyone with his dark sound but will always break the romance with some random squeakings. He also plays classical guitar, piano and cello and likes baroque music.

He used to be a panflutist at the central station but was bored by the lack of F sharp on his instrument (especially while playing the Abba repertoire) and decided to move to clarinet.
Besides music, he loves pasta with pesto, water-polo, and collects air fresheners (for cars).

Matt double bopper

will Matt makes people want to jump with his lovely double bass. He's Will's brother and when he doesn't play in the band, he works in his startup company.

He didn't know the double bass before starting the band but he's now completely addicted to it. Therefore, his right fingers are cut and totally desensitized which doesn't make his girlfriend really happy.
His main instruments are the violin, the piano, the bass guitar and the double bass, of course.

Fonz bopper

will Fonz learned to play ukulele with his close friend Israel during a weight watcher meeting in Hawaï. His first and main instrument was guitar that he started playing the day he understood it was his best chance to catch girls. Since then he played in several rock bands and caught a lot of girls...but it was not enough. He recently found out that ukulele could make anybody swing and that his sorely tunable instrument provided its best sounds in sunny parks. He loves when people stop in the street to ask him "What is the name again of that small guitar you're carrying on your back?" and he enjoys to answer "It's a ukulele Miss, and in this case, size matters!".
Besides music, Fonz loves music, swimming and travelling. In his most intimate nights he often dreams that he is a flying man.